Hi, and welcome.

                             Having survived in my lifetime two very near drownings, a

                             motorcycle crash which put me in a cast for six months, plus a

                             pit viper snake bite that sent me to ICU, I have more than

                             sufficient reason and experience to write about the unusual.


Up until this time, writing for ten + years, I also find  writing Science Fiction to be the genre most rewarding. With the book called Confessions of an Alien Marooned on Earth I began again my career of writing when I was recovering from the motorcyle crash.

SciFi writing, speculative SciFi has practically no limits, I think you will agree. When I wrote the first story of Confessions etc. what turned out to be EXILED To Earth, I was telling 50% fact and 50% fiction in a contemporary setting. A friend spoke to me after his reading and enjoying the 1st story, "Why don't you write a sequel it 

seems to wrap up at the end."  So, contemplating that and what should be the sequel I wrote Fox & Falcon, to the first story Confessions of an Alien Marooned on Earth.  Only after writing the final story (3rd book), did I alter the title from CAME to ETE (EXILED To Earth).

  It is now a screenplay, so we can see why the new title is more fitting.

  *First there was 'ET' now there is 'ETE'*

After that, I wrote the Reincarnation of Edgar Allan Poe.

Which has gotten good comment and an endorsement from a Pulitzer Prize winning author.  (see page)

I like to  play tennis a lot, drive fast cars and generally spend any leisure time I am able to steal, with friends outdoors and sharing great meals.

One of my better returns.

My favorite type of car -- have had four of them over the years.  Here I've just finished the wash and polish.

Look around and you'll find pages with videos and with audio from major works.  Sooner than later more photos also will be available.
 I have also written non-fiction and started a campaign to reduce roadway fatalities.