Having survived in my lifetime two very near drownings, a motorcycle crash which put me in a cast for six months and made me an invalid, plus a pit viper snake bite that sent me to ICU, I have more than sufficient reason and experience to write a book called THE CARELESS DRIVER, and the now released How To Stay Healthy 'Til We Die. My training as a driver coupled with five years of chauffeuring in all types of weather and road conditions puts my viewpoint in a slightly higher bracket than the typical driver. The reason and the way that THE CARELESS DRIVER came about is found here.

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Up until this time, writing for ten + years, I also find  writing Science Fiction to be the genre most rewarding (so far). 

SciFi writing, speculative SciFi has practically no limits. When I wrote the first story of what turned out to be EXILED To Earth, I was telling 50% fact and 50% fiction in a contemporary setting. A friend spoke to me after

reading and enjoying the 1st story, "Why don't you write a sequel, it seems to not end at the end."  So, contemplating that and what should be the sequel I wrote Fox & Falcon, to the first story Confessions of an Alien Marooned on Earth.  Only after writing the final story (3rd book), did I alter the title from CAME to ETE (EXILED To Earth).

  It is now a screenplay, so we can see why the new title is more fitting.


After that, I wrote the Reincarnation of Edgar Allan Poe.

Which has gotten good comment and an endorsement from a Pulitzer Prize winning author.  (see page)