Driver's Manifesto


   We the people of Tennessee and other states demand a higher skill level of new drivers and we demand that new drivers are given a true ‘road test’ which tests the driver applicant’s ability to merge onto Interstates smoothly, to navigate central city traffic smoothly, to follow at a safe distance on the Interstate and during heavy traffic. We demand that a driver that cuts in front of another vehicle that shortens the legal car length gap between vehicles is cited for reckless driving.


   And, we demand that drivers age 60 and older are required to go in for renewals every three years instead of automatic license renewal every ten years, and they must pass both an eye test, hearing test and a reflex test to receive their renewal.


  In addition we demand that convicted offenders of serious moving vehicle violations,     such as excessive speeding, running red lights, running stop signs, texting while driving, and DWI violators pay requisite fines and are remanded to professional driving instruction at their expense until they can perform correctly the driving practice or maneuver which they violated and do so without any protest, alibi or justification.


   We demand that these violators of serious traffic laws be retested in one year, and that simple records of same are kept as a part of their permanent driving record.


   We expect first time convicted violators not to be penalized as above if their infraction could not have caused injury or death to another or animal.



I ___________________________________________________the undersigned agree with and support this manifesto.


_____________________________________________ ______________________

(signed)                                                                                                                   (date)











Prepared by Reduce Roadway Fatalities

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